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In this blog post, we will learn about how many continents are there in the world, the largest continent, the smallest continent, the frozen continent, and much more.

how many continents are there
7 continents of the world

How many continents are there?

There are 7 continents in the world. They are as follows:-

  • Asia
  • Africa
  • Australia
  • North America
  • South America
  • Antarctica
  • Europe

What’s the biggest continent in the world?

Asia is the biggest and largest continent in the world in terms of area.

What is a continent?

A continent is a very large landmass of the earth and is separated from each other by a natural phenomenon.

These continents all together cover one-third of the earth while oceans cover two-thirds of the earth.

We will now one by one cover all of the continents in the succeeding paragraph.

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Facts about Asia – Largest continent among 7 Continents of the world

Asia continent- 7 continents of the world
Asia Continent- 7 continents of the world

Oceans and Seas: The Oceans and Seas which fall under the Asia continent are:-

The Arctic Ocean, Pacific Ocean, Indian Ocean, Red Sea, Gulf of Aden, Persian Gulf, Gulf of Oman, Arabin Sea, Bay of Bengal, China Sea, Yellow Sea of Okhotsk, and the Bering Sea.

Highest Point and Lowest Point: Mt Everest (8850 meters) is the highest point on the border of Nepal and China.

The Dead Sea is the lowest point in this region.

Straits & Lakes: Straight of Malacca, Bering Sea. Caspian Sea, Aral Sea, Lake Baikal, Lake Balkhash.

  • Asia is the largest continent in the world in terms of size and population.
  • Asia also includes the world’s largest country Russia and the world’s most populated countries namely China and India.
  • It shares a boundary with the two continents which are Africa and Europe.
  • Asia is surrounded by oceans from three sides the Pacific Ocean, the Arctic Ocean, and the Indian Ocean.
  • The land is divided into six regions which are Central Asia, East Asia, South Asia, North Asia, Southeast Asia, and Southwest Asia.
  • There are 48 countries in Asia.
  • The Maldives is the smallest county in Asia in terms of land area and population.
  • Tokyo, Japan is the largest city in Asia.

Facts about Africa

Africa Continent- 7 continents of the world
Africa Continent- 7 continents of the world

Oceans and Seas: Indian Ocean, Red Sea, Atlantic Ocean, Gulf of Guinea, Mediterranean Sea falls under the region of Africa.

Highest Point and Lowest Point: Mt Kilimanjaro (5895 meters) in Tanzania is the highest point and Lake Assal in Djibouti is the lowest point.

Straits & Lakes: Strait of Bab-el-Mandeb, Strait of Gibraltar. Victoria, Tanganyika, Malawi, Chad, Rudolf, and Albert are straits and lakes of the African region.

Deserts: Sahara, Kalahari, and Namib.

  • There is a total of 54 countries in Africa.
  • It is the second-largest continent in the world.
  • The Nile the world’s longest river and the Sahara the world’s largest desert are part of this continent.
  • The world’s hottest place Ethiopia is in Africa.
  • Algeria is the largest country by area and Nigeria is the largest country by population.
  • It covers a total of one-fifth of the land surface of the earth.
  • It is divided into two parts by equator, the tropic of cancer on the north and the tropic of Capricorn on the south.
  • The smallest country is Seychelles.
  • The largest lake in Africa is Lake Victoria.

Facts about Australia

Australia Continent
Australia Continent

Oceans: the Pacific Ocean and the Indian Ocean.

  • Australia is known as an island continent as it is surrounded by water on all sides.
  • Kosciuszko (2228 meters) is the highest mountain on the Australian continent.
  • Lake Eyre is the lowest point.
  • The Bass Strait is the only strait of the Australian continent.
  • Tasmania is the only Island.
  • Lake Eyre is the only lake.
  • Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Brisbane, Darwin, Canberra, Hobart, and Perth are the important cities of the Australian continent.
  • Australia lies entirely in the south of the equator.
  • There are 03 countries on this continent.
  • Australia and the region surrounding it are also referred to as Oceania.

Deserts: the Gibson Desert, Great Sandy Desert, Great Victoria Desert, and the Simpson Desert.

Facts about Antarctica

Antarctica Continent
Antarctica Continent
  • Antarctica is the fifth-largest continent in the world.
  • It is also known as the White Continent and Frozen Continent.
  • It is the only continent that is isolated and zero populated.
  • Fabian Welling Shawson was the person to discover the mainland of Antarctica in 1820 on his ship Vostok.
  • Maitri and Dakshin Gangotri are two research centers in India and the latter got covered under snow in 1990.
  • Bharti is the third research center of India in this region.
  • Antarctica is also known as a Dynamic or Active continent because its shape changed due to the change of seasons.
  • In Antarctica, the sun is not visible from 22 March to 23 September and it never sets between 24 September to 21 March.
  • Antarctica is surrounded by three oceans Indian Ocean, the Pacific Ocean, and the Atlantic Ocean.
  • The main vegetation found in Antarctica is Lichen and Moss.
  • Albatross and Petrels are flying seabirds. While penguin is a flightless bird found in this region.

Facts about North America

North America Continent
North America Continent
  • North America is the northern continent of the western hemisphere.
  • Lake Superior the largest sweetwater lake is found on this continent.
  • Canada has the largest coastline (2,02,080 Km) in the world.
  • Mt Mckinley (6168 meters) in Alaska is the highest and Death Valley in California is the lowest point.
  • There are 23 countries in North America.
  • North America has five time zones.
  • The U.S.A. the world’s largest economy is part of this continent.
  • Elf the world’s smallest owl is found on this continent.
  • North America is the third largest continent in the world followed by Asia and Africa.

Facts about South America

South America Continent
South America Continent
  • There are 12 countries in South America.
  • The world’s largest river Amazon is found in this continent.
  • Mt. Aconcagua (6960 meters) in Argentina is the highest point and Laguna del Carbon is the lowest point of this continent.
  • The Angel Falls the world’s highest waterfall comes under this continent.
  • South America is the fourth largest continent in terms of size.
  • Brazil is the largest South American country.
  • There are four time zones in South America.

Facts about Europe

Europe Continent
Europe Continent
  • There are 50 countries in Europe.
  • Europe is separated from Asia by the Ural Mountains and the Caspian Sea.
  • The highest mountain on this continent is Mt Elbrus.
  • Vatican City the world’s smallest country is in Europe.
  • Europe is the world’s third most populated continent.
  • It is the sixth-largest continent by area.
  • Moscow is the largest city in the European continent.

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