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Just this afternoon, 360 officially released its independent mobile search application "360 Search". This move is not surprising. After UC joined the mobile search war with "Shenma Search" Latest Mailing Database and impacted the existing patterns such as Baidu and Wandoujia, 360, which is looking for a breakthrough point in search and mobile Internet, must take Latest Mailing Database this step. However, judging from the current product form of "360 Search", we can only call it a "normal" work. When you open this app, the top of the screen is a


Traditional search box with a voice search function; the middle part is a search navigation page, which integrates vertical search functions such as news, videos, websites, games, wallpapers, etc. The "Following Latest Mailing Database Today" section lists some news hotspots. When the user clicks to enter, the application will open the relevant search result page. Hidden in the left menu bar are three functions: weather information, search history and download management. The search results use Latest Mailing Database a card-style browsing method similar to Google's mobile client and


Mobile phone Baidu. On vertical search pages such Latest Mailing Database as news, games, novels, etc., like other conventional mobile search products, 360 mobile search is structured to display filtered and Latest Mailing Database recommended content sources. For example, software search uses 360 Thunderbolt phone search. "360 Search" is different from other competitors in two points: For one, you can set up "local search" in settings to include your phone's contacts, text messages, and apps in search results. When you search for an app, a contact name, or