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Adhyansh Jadli

Surendra Jadli

Adhyansh Jadli

Hi, guys, this is Adhyans Jadli from Dehradun, Uttarakhand, India. I am the admin of this site. In this site, I am going to publish useful information regarding all the academic and competitive examinations.

Mansi Shrivastav

Mansi Shrivastava

Hello! My name is Mansi Shrivastava who happens to have a knack for writing. It has not always been what I admired but developing into a writer was something I appreciate the most now. When not glued to the computer screen, I love to try my hand in arts and crafts. Also, binge-watching with a bowl of snacks has always been my thing.

Sahana Pai

Sahana Pai

Hi ! I am Sahana Pai having vast experience in Software industry.I love writing and can go on for hours together. Content writing has always been my passion and i love doing it. My Hobby includes travelling blogging and cooking.I have travelled across India and Europe.My family includes my husband and a little princess.