ChatGPT Enterprise Pricing for Business | Use Cases, & Features

In this article, we will introduce you to the ChatGPT Enterprise for Business its Pricing, features, and Use cases.

OpenAI has launched the most powerful version of ChatGPT i.e. ChatGPT Enterprise for businesses.

ChatGPT enterprise is an AI assistant that you must use for work and it can help you with any task.

It can assist and elevate every aspect of your working life and make your teams more creative and productive.

ChatGPT Enterprise

ChatGPT enterprise plan can be customized as per the requirements of businesses and organizations.

There is a need for businesses for a simple and safe way of deploying ChatGPT in their organization.

The introduction of ChatGPT Enterprise is a blessing for business owners.

There are many early users of ChatGPT Enterprise like Block, Canva, Carlyle, The Estee Lauder Companies, PwC, and Zapier.

All the above-mentioned businesses are using ChatGPT enterprise for various tasks like communications, coding, complex questions answers in businesses, and much more.

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ChatGPT Enterprise Pricing for Businesses

You might be thinking of how much does ChatGPT enterprise costs.

However, OpenAI has not revealed the ChatGPT Enterprise Plan Pricing for Businesses on its official website. They invite businesses and organizations to “Contact Sales”.

You can contact the sales department of OpenAI to get the customized price on your Enterprise plan. The link to the sales page is given below:-

What is Enterprise Pricing?

Enterprise pricing is the customized pricing established by a company for its products or services for large businesses or organizations.

Enterprise pricing differs from what regular customers pay to a company to use its product or services.

Features of ChatGPT Enterprise Plan

We have mentioned below the core features offered by ChatGPT in its enterprise plan:-

Security and Privacy:

  • ChatGPT Enterprise protects your company data. You own and control your data. Customer prompts and conversational data are not used to train the ChatGPT training module.
  • All conversations are encrypted in transit (TLS 1.2+) and at rest (AES-256).
  • ChatGPT is also SOC 2 compliant:

Deploy tools with Ease:

  • Admin Console: It provides you with a dedicated admin console to manage team members in bulk. Also, you can deploy various tools to integrate with ChatGPT to optimize workflows and improve team management.
  • Domain Verification: Your company data will be safe and private since ChatGPT uses Domain Verification features to ensure that only authorized persons from the organization have access to the system.
  • SSO (Single Sign-On): ChatGPT Enterprise offers a smooth sign-in process and user convenience through SSO. Users of an organization can use their organizational credentials to use this powerful tool.
  • Analytics Dashboard: With ChatGPT Enterprise analytics dashboard you can understand the usage by analyzing the data.

Get Faster GPT 4 Access:

  • Unlimited GPT-4 at High Speed: Time is money, and every second matters for any business in this fast-moving world to get ahead. You will get unlimited high-speed access to GPT-4 and advanced data analysis. ChatGPT Enterprise enables you to interact with it at a faster pace and receive quicker and more accurate answers.
  • Expansive Context Window: You can have longer inputs with 32k token context windows that result in enhanced problem-solving capabilities for extensive queries.
  • Sharable Chat Templates: You can collaborate your company work with shareable chat templates that will increase your interactions and improve productivity.

ChatGPT Enterprise Use Cases

Automate Customer Support: ChatGPT Enterprise can be your ideal Virtual AI assistant or Customer Support Representative. It can help you out in managing customers’ queries like, product selection, pricing, order tracking, product comparisons, and various other frequently asked questions.

Content Creation: In this era of the Digital Age content is king. Everybody nowadays is consuming a lot of content whether it is blog posts, videos, product descriptions, Social Media Posts, and much more. So, to stay ahead in the game you need to produce content at a really faster pace. ChatGPT Enterprise is the savior for this. With ChatGPT Enterprise you can get the beast mode on and create content to fulfill your needs with data privacy and security simultaneously.

Education and Learning: Edtech companies and Organisations have already started integrating the power of ChatGPT within their organization day to day-to-day workflow to enhance productivity. You can get a personalized learning experience, have MCQs and quizzes, and get explanations of complex queries.

Entertainment: You can ask ChatGPT to generate scenes, characters, stories, and dialogues, and write movie scripts.

Gaming Industry: With ChatGPT Enterprise the gaming industry can leverage its potential for creating Non-Playable Characters, providing real-time gameplay tips and instructions, language translation in multiplayer games, player support and troubleshooting, customizing characters, and much more.

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