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This write-up aims to impart complete information on HTTP and the aspects concerning the topic. Explore the full form of HTTP and the meaning of HTTP.

Also, get your hands on how it works and why it is used and needed.

To gain deeper insights into the topics, go through the difference between HTTP and HTTPs, and how does HHTP differ from WWW.

Also, explore whether HTTP is safe or not.

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What is the full form of the HTTP?

HTTP is used as an abbreviation for Hypertext Transfer Protocol.

What is HTTP?

Used for data communication, HTTP is an application protocol. It serves as the base of data communication in the World Wide Web.

HTTP Full Form

It is a generic and stateless protocol that is used for other purposes including using the extensions of its request methods, error codes, and headers.

HTTP offers a standard for web browsers that facilitates information exchange over the internet by the users.

In the client-server computing model, HTTP is a request-response protocol.

It is designed within the framework of Internet Protocol Suite and serves as an application layer protocol.

Hypertext refers to the text that contains a link within it. If any user clicks on a hypertext, they are redirected on a webpage for a new page.

This implies that the user has clicked on a hypertext.

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What are the features of HTTP?

The main features of hypertext transfer protocol can be identified as follows:-

It is simple

Hypertext Transfer Protocol is prominently designed to be plain and readable by humans. Therefore, it has a feature of being simple.

It is customized

Through a simple agreement between a client and a server, it can be integrated with new functionalities.

It is connectionless

According to the user’s request for information, an HTTP request is initiated by the browser.

The server processes the user request and sensor phones following which the client disconnects the connection.

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It is stateless but not session-less

Stateless means that there is no connection among the two requests which are consecutively carried out on the same connection.

The server and client are well aware of each other during the current request and forget about each other as soon as it is over.

Neither decline nor the browser retains information between different requests across the web pages once the interaction is over.

How HTTP works?

HTTP is built on the top of TCP and is an application layer protocol. It uses a client-server communication model and communicates through request-and-response messages.

There are three main types of HTTP messages which are as follows:-


The messages sent to the servers only have a URL. Optional data parameters, that can be zero or more, might be affixed at the end of the URL.

The server processes the optional data portion and returns the results to the browser.


The messages place the optional data parameters, if any, in the request message body instead of adding them to the end of the URL.


This works similar to the GET requests. Rather than replying with the full URL contents, the server sends only the header information that is contained inside the HTML section.

How are HTTP and HTTPs different?

Basis of DistinctionHTTPHTTPS
Full formThe full form of HTTP is Hypertext Transfer ProtocolThe full form of HTTP is Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure
URLThe HTTP URL begins with “http://”The HTTPS URL begins with “https://”
Port numberHTTP uses port number 80 for communicationHTTPs uses port number 443 for communication
SecurityIt is not secureIt is secure
WorkingIt works at an application layerIt works at the transport layer
Encryption and certificatesEncryption is absent HTTP and does not require any certificateEncryption is present HTTP and requires SSL  certificates

What is the difference between HTTP and WWW?

Basis of DistinctionHTTPWWW
Full formThe full form of HTTP is Hypertext Transfer ProtocolThe full form of WWW is World Wide Web
MeaningHTTP is a communication standard which a web browser uses to communicate with the website server the person is viewing.WWW is used as a prefix to a particular name to identify that the page you are visiting is a website.  
NatureIt is a linkIt is an address
AccessibilityHTTP is used as one of the languages spoken of the internet by the web to transmit data.WWW is a way of accessing information over the internet.

Is HTTP safe?

Regarding security, HTTP is fine when browsing on the web. However, it is a concern when you have to enter sensitive information on website fields.

In case you enter the information into an HTTP web page, the data can be transmitted in cleartext, and anyone can read it.

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