Shortcut Keys of Computer A-Z | Meaning, Uses of F1 to F12 Keys

Know the Shortcut Keys of Computer A-Z:-

In this write-up, we have compiled the major shortcut keys of the computer. We have listed down over 100 shortcut keys in computer and other applications.

Explore the Ctrl and F keys shortcuts and usage. Alongside, know the shortcut keys for Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook.

Also, we have listed some Windows, YouTube, and chrome shortcut keys for you to go through.

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A shortcut key refers to a special key combination that makes a specific command to be executed.

Usually, shortcut keys are the combination of Ctrl or Alt keys with other keys. These serve as a quick way to serve and execute a command and fasten up processes.


The operating system or currently running program defines special functions for the function or F-keys. These keys are labeled as F-1 to F12. These are often combined with Ctrl or Alt keys.

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We have listed down the common functions of the F-keys. However, not all programs support the function keys. They might differ based on the setting of your system or control panel.

F1Help key in almost every program. When pressed, it opens a help screen of the application or program you are using. F key + WINKEY opens the Microsoft Windows help and support center press the key to open the task paneF1 key enters the CMOS Setup
F2In Microsoft Windows (all versions) – Renames a highlighted file, folder or icon edits the active cell in Microsoft Excel To open document window in MS Word – Ctrl+Alt+F2 To display a print preview in MS-Word – Ctrl + F2 To rename a selected file or folder quickly F2 key enters the CMOS Setup
F3To open the search feature in Windows Explorer, Firefox and Chrome To repeat the last entered command in MS-DOS or Windows Command Line Change the lowercase to uppercase in the highlighted text in MS Word Opens the mission control on an Apple computer that runs the MacOS X operating system
F4In Windows 95 to XP, opens the find Window To close the open window or shut down the system – Alt+ F4 Closes the open window or tab in the active windows in Microsoft Windows – Ctrl+F4 In Explorer, it places the cursor in the address bar
F5Refreshes or reloads the active pages, programs or documents Forces a complete refresh of the web page – Ctrl+F5In MS PowerPoint, it starts a slideshow In MS Word, it opens the ‘find, replace and go to’ window
F6In most of the internet browsers, it moves the cursor to the address bar lets you switch between Word documents by Ctrl+Shift+F6
F7Used for checking spellings and grammar in the Microsoft programs F7+Shift runs a Thesaurus check of the highlighted word
F8To enter the Windows Startup Menu and to access the Windows safe mode Enables the extend mode for arrow keys MacOS, it displays a thumbnail image for all workspaces
F9It refreshes the document in Microsoft word you can send and receive e-mail in Outlook With Ctrl+F9, you can insert empty fields in a Word fileIt displays a thumbnail for each window in a single workspace with MacOS 10.3 or later
F10Opens the menu bar of an open application maximizes the window in Word with Ctrl+F10 With Shift+10, it works the same as right-click on any highlighted file, icon or internet link
F11With F12, you can enter and exit full-screen mode You can add a new spreadsheet in Excel with Shift+F11 It hides all the open windows and shows the desktop
F12It opens the ‘Save As’ window in MS word to open a document in MS Word, use Ctrl+F12 With Shift+12, you can save the MS Word document you can print a document with Ctrl+Shift+F12 It shows and hides the dashboard in MacOS 10.4 or later versions


We have compiled the basic computer shortcut keys that every user should be aware of which are as follows:-

Alt + TabUsed to switch between the open programs. Hold the Alt key and press the Tab key to navigate between programs
Alt + EAccess the Edit option in the current program
Alt+ FAccess the File menu in the current program
Alt + EnterOpens the properties for the selected file, shortcut, folder, document etc.
Alt + F4Closes the currently open window or program
Ctrl + AIt selects all the content of the page which includes the image and other elements
Ctrl + BUsers can ‘bold’ the highlighted text with this
Ctrl + CYou can copy the selected text, image or another object on a page or file
Ctrl + VThe option to paste the copied data any number of times
Ctrl + DUsed to access the font preferences window that has several options like font size, style, colour and more
 Ctrl + NOpens a new file, document or browser in respective programs or applications
Ctrl + OOpen a file in the current or active software
Ctrl + KWidely used to insert a hyperlink in the selected text
Ctrl + POpens the print preview option of the active document or page
Ctrl + SSaves the file or document
Ctrl + YRedo and repeats the last performed action
Ctrl + ZUndo the actions
Ctrl + HomeBrings the typing cursor to the beginning of the document
Ctrl + Left ArrowTo move one word to the left in the text
Ctrl + Right ArrowTo move one word to the right in the text
Ctrl + EscTo open the start menu
Ctrl + Shift + EscTo open the Windows Task Manager
Shift + DeleteUsed to delete selected texts or files or folders permanently
Shift + InsertPastes the copied item
Shift + HomeHighlights the text from the current position to the line beginning
HomeBrings the typing cursor to the beginning of the line
EndThe typing cursor goes to the end of the current line


There are plenty of commonly used special characters which take time to find and insert in text.

This makes it time-consuming. We have listed some keyboard shortcuts for the commonly used special characters below:-

Alt 33!
Alt 34
Alt 35#
Alt 36$
Alt 37%
Alt 38&
Alt 39
Alt 128Ç
Alt 129ü
Alt 130É
Alt 141ì
Alt 156£
Alt 157¥
Alt 159ƒ
Alt 171½
Alt 172¼
Alt 0190¾
Alt 225ß
Alt 230µ
Alt 0128
Alt 0140Œ
Alt 0153
Alt 0169©
Alt 0174®
Alt 0179³
Alt 0198Æ
Alt 145æ
Alt 0191¿
Alt 0176°
Alt 0177±
Alt 0162¢


We have provided you with the listing of the commonly used Microsoft Word shortcut keys as follows:-

Ctrl + EIt aligns the selected text to the centre
Ctrl + FOpens the find or search dialogue box
Ctrl + GTo go to or jump to any page. Opens the ‘find, replace and go to’ dialogue box
Ctrl + HTo replace any words in the document or file
Ctrl + IItalicizes or un-italicizes the selected texts
Ctrl + JJustifies the selected text
Ctrl + LIt aligns the selected text to the left of the screen
Ctrl + MThe users get the option to indent
Ctrl + QRemoves the formatting of the paragraph
Ctrl + RIt aligns the selected text or line to the right of the screen
Ctrl + SSaves the document or file
Ctrl + TCreates a hanging indent for a paragraph
Ctrl + UUnderlines the selected text
Ctrl + WCloses the currently open document or file quickly
Ctrl + XCuts the selected text in the document
Ctrl + Shift + LCreates a bullet point in the file quickly
Ctrl + Shift + >Increases the font size by 1 pts up to 12 pt. after 12, increases by +2 pts
Ctrl + Shift + <Decreases the font size by 1 pt when below 12 and by 2 pts when above 12
Ctrl + [Increase the font size by +1 pts
Ctrl + ]Decrease the font size by -1 pts
Ctrl + 0It toggles 6 pts of spacing above the paragraph
Ctrl + 1Gives a single space line
Ctrl + 2Gives a double space line
Ctrl + 5Makes 5 space between lines of a paragraph
Ctrl + SpacebarResets the selected text to the default font
Ctrl + HomeMoves the typing cursor to the beginning of the document
Ctrl + Alt + 1Changes text format to Heading 1
Ctrl + Alt + 2Changes text format to Heading 1
Ctrl + Alt + 3Changes text format to Heading 3
Ctrl + F1Shows or hides the ribbon
Ctrl + F2Opens the document preview in word
Shift + F3Change the case option to change the text from upper case to lower case or a capital letter at each word’s beginning
Shift + F7Check the thesaurus of the selected word
Shift + Alt + DInserts the current date
Shift + Alt + TInserts the current time
Shift + EnterCreates a soft break
Shift + Shift + *Hide or view the non-printing characters
Alt + F, ATo use the save as option. Alt + F displays the dialogue box and Alt + A the save as option.
Ctrl + DeleteDeletes the word that is right to the cursor
Ctrl + BackspaceDeletes the word that is left to the cursor


Interaction and working with excel is made easy and faster with these Microsoft Excel shortcut keys which are listed below as follows:-

Ctrl + Shift + ;Inserts the current time
Ctrl + ;Inserts the current date
Ctrl + DFills down the cells with the content of the selected cell
Ctrl + L or TOpens create table dialogue box
Ctrl + NCreates new document in the workbook
Ctrl + PPrints the current sheet or document
Ctrl + QOpens a quick analysis option for the selected cells with data
Ctrl + UUnderlines all the selected texts
Ctrl + Pg up and Pg downNavigate to one worksheet from another in the same excel document
Ctrl + F6Moves from one document to another document in MS Excel
Ctrl + F9Minimizes the current window
Ctrl + F10Maximizes the current window
Ctrl + Shift + “Copies and pastes the content of the cell into the cell just below it
Ctrl + Shift +!Apply comma format in digits
Ctrl + Shift + $Apply currency format to numbers
Ctrl + Shift + %Apply percentage sign to numbers
Ctrl + SpaceSelects the entire active column
Ctrl + Shift + (Unhide the hidden rows
Ctrl + – (minus)Opens a delete dialogue box
Ctrl + Shift + =Opens an insert dialogue box
Ctrl + Shift + ^Makes an exponential form of any number
Ctrl + Shift + &Makes a border around the selected cell
Ctrl + Shift + _Removes the border around the selected cell
Ctrl +  HomeMoves the cursor to the beginning of the worksheet
Ctrl + EndMoves the cursor to the last cell on the worksheet with text
Ctrl + up arrowExtends the cell’s area up by one cell
Ctrl + down arrowExtends the cell’s area down by one cell
Ctrl + F3Opens the name manager
Ctrl + F5Restore the window size
Ctrl + F11Inserts a macro sheet
Ctrl + 0Hides the selected columns
Ctrl + 1Opens the format cells
Ctrl + 5Put a strikethrough
Ctrl + 9Hide the selected rows
Shift + SpaceSelects the entire active rows
Shift + F3Opens the excel formula window
Shift + F5 or Ctrl + FOpens the find and replace dialogue box
F2Edit the selected cell
F4Repeats the last action
F7Check the spellings of the text
F10Activates the menu bar
F11Create a chart in excel
Alt + =Use the formula to sum the data of the above cells
Alt + ‘Access the style dialogue box
Alt + F8Displays the macro dialogue box
Alt + F11Opens the visual basic editor
Alt + Shift + F1Creates a new worksheet


Make working with Microsoft PowerPoint easier with this list of the widely used shortcut keys for MS PowerPoint.

Ctrl + DCreates a copy of the selected slides
Ctrl + MInserts a new blank slide below the selected slide
Ctrl + TOpens the font window
Ctrl + UTo add or remove an underline from the selected content
BChanges the display to black during slide show
Shift + F3Change the case option to change the text from upper case to lower case or a capital letter at each word’s beginning
Shift + F5Start the slide show from the selected slide
Shift + F7Check the thesaurus for the selected word
Shift + F9Shows or hides the grid on the slide in MS PowerPoint
Ctrl + F1Show or hide the ribbon
Ctrl + Shift + >Increases the font size of the selected text
Ctrl + Shift + <Decrease the font size of the selected text
Ctrl + Shift + =Changes the selected text into a subscript
Ctrl + SpacebarChanges the selected text to the default font type and size
Alt + N, PInsert a picture or image in your file


The list below has the widely and commonly used shortcut keys for MS-outlook for you to explore and use.

Alt + SUsed to send an e-mail
Ctrl + MUsed to send and receive all e-mail
Ctrl + QTo mark the selected e-mails as read
Ctrl + UTo mark the selected e-mail as unread and underline the highlighted text within an e-mail
Ctrl + RTo reply to an e-mail
Ctrl + FTo forward an e-mail
Ctrl + NIn the mail section – create a new-email In the calendar section – create a new appointment in your calendar
Ctrl + YOpens the ‘Go to’ folder
Ctrl + Shift + ACreate a new appointment in your calendar from any section of the Outlook
Ctrl + Shift + OOpens the outbox
Ctrl + Shift + IOpens the inbox
Ctrl + Shift + KTo add a new task
Ctrl + Shift + CTo create a new contact
Ctrl + Shift + JTo create a new journal entry
Ctrl + Shift + VTo move an e-mail to folder


The windows key has plenty of uses in the form of a shortcut key which are listed down as follows:-

Window keyOpen and close the start menu
Winkey + DMinimize all opened windowsRestore the minimized windows
Winkey + EOpen a computer window or hard disk drives
Winkey + MMinimize all opened program windows
Winkey + FDisplays a search or find data window
Winkey + LLock the computer or switch users
Winkey + ROpens the run dialogue box
Winkey + UOpens the ease of access centre window
Winkey + VOpens the clipboard app
Winkey + PChoose a presentation display mode
Winkey + XOpens the windows mobility centre
Winkey + up arrowMaximizes the window
Winkey + down arrowMinimizes the window
Winkey + left arrowMaximizes the window to the left side of the screen
Winkey + right arrowMaximizes the window to the right side of the screen
Winkey + Shift + MRestores all windows
Winkey + TabAllows switching between open programs. Press the Winkey and keep pressing tab to switch between programs
Winkey + Pause/ BreakOpens the system properties dialogue box
Winkey + NumberOption to open the programs pinned to the taskbar as per their position on the taskbar
Shift + Winkey + NumberOption to open the new window of the program pinned to the taskbar according to their location
Alt + Winkey + NumberOpens the jump list for the program pinned to the taskbar


We have compiled a list of the widely used YouTube shortcut keys which will make your streaming experience easier. The list is as follows:-

K or SpacebarPlay or pause the videos on YouTube
Home or ZeroStarts the video all over again from the beginning
EndJump to the end of the video or play the next video
L and JL forwards the video with 10 secondsJ rewinds the video with 10 seconds
Numbers 1 to 9Jumps the video in the form of a percentage 1 implies 10%, 2 implies 20% and so on
FSwitches the video to full-screen or theatre video
TSwitch the video between theatre and normal mode
MMutes the YouTube video
Right arrowFast forward the video by 5 seconds
Left arrowFast backwards the video by five seconds
Up arrowIncreases the volume while watching videos on full-screen mode. Click on the video before using the key on normal mode.
Down arrowDecreases the volume while watching videos on full-screen mode. Click on the video before using the key on normal mode.


Explore the list of most widely and commonly used chrome shortcut keys in the list below:-

HomeMoves to the beginning or top of the page
EndMoves at the bottom of the page
SpacebarMove down the page
Shift + SpacebarMove up the page
F11Shows the current website in full-screen mode and exit the mode
Alt + HomeOpen the homepage in chrome browser
Alt + left arrowReturn to the previous page
Alt + right arrowGo to the next page
Ctrl + (Plus) +To zoom in a page
Ctrl + (Minus) –To zoom out a page
Ctrl + 0Reset the browser zoom to default
Ctrl + 1 to 8Switch to one of the opened tabs on the tab bar as per the order of placement
Ctrl + 9Switches to the last opened tab on the tab bar
Ctrl + ASelects all the content on the page
Ctrl + DAdd bookmark for the currently open page
Ctrl + FOpens the find bar to search text on the current page
Ctrl + EnterAdd .com extension quickly in the web address
Ctrl + OOpen a file in the browser
Ctrl + Shift + DelAccess the clear browsing data window to clear the browsing history
Ctrl + Shift + OOpens the bookmark manager
Ctrl + HOpen the history window
Ctrl + JOpen the downloads window
Ctrl + K or EMoves the text cursor to the search bar
Ctrl + LTakes the cursor to the browser address bar and selects all the text in there
Ctrl + NOpens a new browser window
Ctrl + Shift + NOpens a new window in incognito mode
Ctrl + R or F5Refreshes the current page or browser
Ctrl + UDisplays the source code of the web pages
Ctrl + tabMoves to the right side of the browser from one tab to another
Ctrl + Shift + tabMoves to the left side of the browser from one tab to another
Ctrl + Shift + WCloses the currently selected window
Ctrl + left clickOpens a search result link in the new tab without leaving the current page
Ctrl + Shift + Left clickOpens a search result link in the new tab and switches to the new tab
Ctrl + Shift + TReopen the last closed tab(s)
SpacebarMove down the page
Shift + SpacebarMove up the page
HomeMove to the beginning or the top of page
EndMoves to the end or bottom of the page

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