Top 28 Geography Essay Topics for Writing

Top 28 Geography Essay Topics for Writing

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The purpose of writing a geography essay

The aim of a geography essay is to introduce and look at the origins and the reasons why certain phenomena exist such as global warming or earthquakes and also look at natural resources such as mountains and oceans. Man-made and physical attributes are also considered in a geography essay

What to consider

Before you do anything you need to think about an interesting topic for your essay. 

This is extremely important as not only will it help you to feel motivated when it comes to researching the topic, it will also help you to ensure that you write your essay in an effortless way.

With this in mind, it’s clear that there’s no such thing as a good or bad topic, it’s all down to personal choice.

However, even with this in mind, there are specific aspects that you should consider when deciding on your topic.

First, make sure that there is enough information and sources available for you to use.

Clearly, some topics will have been more researched than others. If you make the error of choosing a topic that has not been well researched, you may find it difficult to get the information you require providing evidence that supports the arguments that you make in your essay.

Therefore, it makes sense to choose a topic where there is lots of information available, as this will make writing your essay a lot easier.

Geography essay topics for you to consider

There are lots of different topics related to geography. These topics can link to climate, oceans, natural resources as all of these aspects relate to geography:

  1. An essay related to the human geography of any country that you choose 
  2. The cause of earthquakes
  3. How the Amazon basin was formed
  4. The impact and dangers of landslides
  5. The side effects on the environment due to oil exploration
  6. How global warming affects geography 
  7. Dumping waste – The alternatives 
  8. Natural reservoirs created due to earthquakes
  9. How glaciers are formed
  10. Why flooding is important to sustain life
  11. The long term effects of atomic bombs
  12. What role public housing plays when it comes to the decline of the housing industry 
  13. How geographical location affects the climate in a country 
  14. The cause of coastal erosion
  15. The indicators of climate change
  16. The relationship between geography and climate
  17. How glaciers are formed: The process
  18. The political geography of the United States 
  19. Understanding geography
  20. Industrialization in Africa- The trend on the increase 
  21. How climate affects water bodies
  22. The geography of America compared to Europe
  23. Africa and the issues related to the environment 
  24.  India and deforestation
  25.  The wildfires in California 
  26. China and overpopulation
  27.  Water pollution and its causes
  28. How flora is classified in geography

A guide to writing your geography essay

Now that you have decided on the topic of your essay,  you now need to consider the step-by-step process of writing a good geography essay.

You will need to begin by creating a draft that will help you to work out what research you need to undertake in order to create an informative essay.

What your essay needs to look like

A geography essay, like any other essays, needs to have three main parts to it:

  • The introduction. In your introduction, you will present the topic that you are writing about as well as your thesis statement.
  • The main body. The main body needs to consist of three paragraphs and each of these paragraphs need to begin with a claim
  • The conclusion. In your conclusion, you need to restate your thesis, summarise your findings and any solutions that you have come to.

You may find that you need to have more than three main body paragraphs and this is fine, but in general, an essay that consists of five paragraphs is usually recommended.

 A geography essay: in more detail

  • Introduction. Make sure your introduction is eye-catching and grabs the attention of your reader. Your introduction should want your reader to find out more about the topic you are writing about.  It may be worth starting your essay with a shocking fact, as this will hook your reader.  Complete your introduction with your thesis statement which you will need to defend throughout the rest of your essay.
  • Main body. The main body of your geography essay will focus on theory, but also needs to include examples. For instance, you may want to add in some real cases or situations that you have experienced which will back up your point of view. Make sure you include anything that links to your thesis statement. Add any images, diagrams, graphs, and tables in this section too. Additionally, include any statistics or facts that you have found from credible sources.
  • Conclusion. The conclusion can be the most difficult part as you will need to leave a good impression on your reader in order to obtain a good grade. As well as providing an entire summary of your essay, you also should include any personal opinions that you have formed based on your findings. Finish off by reminding the reader why the topic you have written about is so important.
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