3 Most Popular Web Stories WordPress Plugin

There are many ways to build a Web Story. But we will tell you about 3 best tools to build your perfect Google web story. 

Web Stories are the visual amp stories powered by amp technology that allows you to feature full-screen video, audio, and photos.

What are Web Stories?

3 Most Popular WordPress Plugin are as follows:-  1. Web Stories for WordPress Plugin 2. Make Stories WordPress Plugin 3. Newsroom AI

Web Stories for WordPress Plugin: is built by Google.  It is a free plugin that provides you with a user-friendly editor interface to easily create and integrate web stories on your WordPress website.

This plugin helps you to make live your very own visual stories on the web.  It offers a wide range of ready-to-use free templates and free images from third-party resources.

It also gives you a free guide and checklist on SEO and the design of your story. You can use this plugin right from your WordPress CMS dashboard to make and embed your story on your website.

Make Stories WordPress Plugin: is another popular WordPress plugin to create visual stories that help publishers, marketers, and designers to build, distribute and monetize web stories.

It is a completely free forever tool. Make Stories has a simple drag and drop functionality editor. It gives you access to a library having more than one million free images.

Newsroom AI: Newsroom AI is another great free editor to use like the other two plugins. It also allows you to create Google Web Story for free.

It provides you with a lot of functionality and features to play with for your visual story. You can create teams with different roles and permissions to manage your brand’s visual stories.

The Web Stories Studio by Newsroom AI enables brands and publishers to create awesome web stories for the mobile-first user experience by giving you a number of exciting features and functionality.

You will have access to over 300 million free images and videos from Getty Images. It also provides you with a checklist, so that you can make your content ready to be featured in Google Discover.