Baby Shark Song Youtube Video for Children Dance

"Baby Shark Dance" has set a new record on Youtube to get 10 billion Views

Baby Shark Dance

Baby Shark Dance

Baby Shark Dance video is created by a South Korean company Pinkfong. It has become the most viewed song in Youtube platform history on 13 Jan 21. 

Baby Shark Dance video was released on YouTube on June 2016. As soon the video was released, it has received massive popularity around the globe.  

Baby Shark Dance song has already named Guinness World record to its name in November  2020 as most viewed video on YouTube.  

Baby Shark Dance Records

Baby Shark Dance song has de-throned Despacito song from No. 1 position. Despacito song is created by Luis Fonsi and Dady Yankee. 

The Baby Shark Dance song video had also broken the record for the most-viewed children’s music video on the  YouTube platform.

In Baby Shark Dance video, two kids perform Baby Shark while the animated shark and his family, swim serenely before attempting to hunt the children.