An output device is any hardware equipment to display, project, or physically reproduce the results of data processed by a computer.

Output devices of Computer

Output devices are peripheral hardware devices that are either wired or wireless. The Output devices can be classified into visual, data, print, and sound devices.

5 Output devices of computer

Monitor Printer Headphones Computer Speakers Projector We had listed above the 05 best examples of output devices for your better understanding.

1. Monitor

The monitor is the most common output device. It displays information in a pictorial form or commonly referred to as pixels.

2. Printer

A printer is a hardware device that produces a hard copy version of the processed data from the computer. Printers are the most common output device to print text or photos.

3. Headphones

The headphones or called earphones are hardware output devices that are either plugged in the computer or can be wireless.

4. Computer Speakers

Computer speakers are the most common output devices. Most computer speakers have internal amplifiers which can increase the volume or the amplitude of the sound.

5. Projector

A projector is an output device that can take images produced by a computer and project them onto a screen or surface.

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