How to recover your Gmail account 

Recover your Gmail account without a verification code in 8 Simple Steps

Generally, you required a verification code to recover your Gmail account. But what if you don’t have access to your mobile phone and recovery email?

Step 1 – Open Step 2 – Enter the Email address you want to recover/ Click on Next. Step 3 – Click on Forgot Password.

Steps to Follow

Step 4 – Enter the last password you remember you use for your Gmail account/ Click on Next. Step 5 – Enter your phone no. Click on I don’t have my phone option given just below it.

Step 6 – Now enter the recovery email address to get the verification code. But again we assume that we don’t have access to our recovery email. Click on the Try another way option.

Step 7 – You will be asked to enter the email address which you have access at present. Enter the email address. The Gmail support team will contact you at that email address.

Step 8 – Now you will receive a verification code in the email address you had given to the support team to contact you. Enter the verification code and click on next.