Types of Computer Security

Computer security is protecting the information that is stored in the computer from anyone stealing or harming it.

It is a process of preventing a person who is not authorized, to access your computer. computer security is maintained in a stand-alone machine (personal computers) by having the system updated.

There are three different types of Computer Security. They are as follows:- – Physical Security – Network Security – Executable Security

3 Different Types of Computer Security

Physical Security – This type of computer security is one of the simplest and easiest to interpret. Anyone who has access to the computer can access it.

1. Physical Security

Always we need to make sure not to share our passwords in-order to safeguard our system from data thefts. Our computers should not be left unattended, as others can access all our files.

Firewall is one of the most important computer security. It helps in network security by stopping any of the unauthorized networks that would attempt to access your computer.

2. Network Security

Anti-virus security is known as executable security. This type of security is quite complex as it requires a team to code the anti-virus. 

3. Executable Security

This type of security is quite complex as it requires a team to code the anti-virus. Anti-virus is a must, to block the virus from attacking the system.

These anti-virus securities are called executable security as they are executable files that need to be run on the computer, to be installed. With this, our computers would be more reliable.

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