What is Digital Computer

Digital Computer is a machine or a device that helps to process any kind of information.

Digital computers are the devices through which we provide some input and get the output within a fraction of seconds.

Some of the basic examples of digital devices are Personal computers, Desktops, Laptops, Smartphones, and Mobile.

Digital computers are a device that needs to be programmed in order to receive the desired output. It uses electronic technology to generate, store and process different types of data.

Based on the size and type of the device, these digital computers are classified into four categories. Microcomputer – Minicomputer – Mainframe computer – Supercomputer

Types of Digital Computers

A Microcomputer comes with a microprocessor as its Central processing unit and input/output devices. These computers are also called personal computers.

1. Microcomputer

Minicomputers are known as mid-range computers that contain one or more processors. Minicomputers are generally used for processing transactions, file handling, managing database.

2. Minicomputers

Mainframe computers are generally large size computers mainly used for storing large amounts of data and processing. It is known for its high level of reliability.

3. Mainframe computers

Supercomputers are very expensive and the world’s fastest computers. These computers have thousands of processors that perform trillions of calculations per second.

4. Supercomputers