What Kind of RAM Do I have? | How to check RAM Speed, Type, and Size on Windows 10

How to check RAM Speed, Type, and Size on Windows 10

In this topic, we will discuss “How to check what kind of RAM do I have”, How to check RAM speed, its type, and Size on Windows 10.

After reading this post you will get answers to your queries like what is RAM, what RAM do I have on my computer or laptop, its importance and function, how much RAM do you need, and much more.

What is RAM?

There are two kinds of computer memory i.e. primary and secondary memory. RAM is an example of primary memory.

RAM stands for Random Access Memory. It is a volatile storage memory that means it loses its content if the computer is switched off or loses its power supply.  

Understanding Importance and Function of RAM in Computer

Primary memory is the memory that is directly accessed by the Central Processing Unit (CPU).

The data can be stored and retrieved in primary memory at a much faster rate as compared to secondary storage memory like hard disk, CD and Pen drive, etc.

The application for software, records, files when opened by you is copied from secondary storage memory (hard disk) into RAM so that the computer is able to access it easily and instantaneously.

The operating system is copied from the secondary storage to the RAM when a computer boots up.

This is the reason you lose something that hasn’t been saved if your computer crashes or restarts while you work on a program.

If computer is made to retrieve data from hard drive to perform and execute each command or function, it will make your computer to operate at a very slow rate.

Consequently, there is a great importance of enough RAM for the fast performance of computers.   

How much RAM do I need?

It is one of the most important question that you must have encountered once in your life while buying your computer for the first time.

It is imperative that the answer to this question lies on the purpose of the computer being used for.

You will have to ascertain for what kind of work you are going to use your computer.

Then only you can make your mind to the amount of RAM that will be required to perform the task being undertaken smoothly and at a faster rate.   

For example, a student who needs to make notes, save file and documents and other relevant work related to his education will not require much RAM.

However, a person who is a software developer will have to go for a good amount of RAM than a student to perform every function and execute each program faster.

For general purpose use of computer 4GB of RAM will be sufficient.

Likewise, gamer, programmer, graphic designer, software developer and Film editor should have RAM of  at least 8GB and above that.

How to check what kind of RAM do I have?

You can easily check, how much RAM is installed in your PC and What Kind of RAM do you have in your computer by following the steps below:-

Go to Start menu and Click at Setting.

What RAM do I have

Search for RAM in the search box.

You will see a “View RAM Info” option. Click on the option.

You will see all the information about your system on that page including RAM info.

Another easy way to find out RAM info on your PC is by searching for the make and model of your computer online.

How to Check RAM Info via Command Prompt?

Press Window + R.

Type “Cmd” in Run dialog box and press enter.

Write “wmic” and press enter.

Type “memorychip” and press enter.

You will get all the information on RAM speed, type, and size here post-execution of the above-given command.

How to Check RAM speed in windows 10?

There are two ways by which you can check RAM speed in windows 10.

  • By using Cmd or command prompt.
  • By using task manager

How to Check RAM speed by using Command Prompt (Cmd)?

Press Window + R.

Type cmd in the Run dialog box and press enter.

A new command prompt window will open in your desktop.

Type “wmic memorychip get speed”.

On the successful execution of the command, you will see your RAM speed.

How to Check RAM speed by using task manager in windows 10?

Press Ctrl + Alt + Del simultaneously.

Select Task Manager.

Click the performance tab.

Select memory from the left side pane.

What is RAM

Here you will get all the information related to your RAM speed, used and available space, etc.  

How can I upgrade my laptop or Computer RAM?

RAM is a physical component of a computer housed on the motherboard of a computer.

Motherboard consists of all the important components of a computer like hard drive, RAM, CPU, etc.

RAM is a small strip that is fixed in a given slot on the motherboard. It ranges memory storage capacity from 2GB to 32 GB.    

Nowadays, laptops and computer have 2 to 3 slots for RAM. You need not to worry if you had bought lesser memory initially.

You can remove and expand your RAM memory anytime later on. Generally, Windows 10 comes with 4GB of RAM in it.

Earlier, we had seen 2GB RAM in PCs but with the introduction of windows 10 minimum requirement of 4GB RAM is inevitable.

Important Note:-  Please do your thorough research before expanding your RAM, since motherboard of older PCs have some limitation on expansion of RAM.

However, recent windows pc is designed to accept 16GB or more RAM.

How much RAM do I need for windows 10?

A window 10 computer operates on a 64-bit Operating System. It uses almost 2GB of RAM to handle background processes.

That’s why windows 10 PC are configured with 4GB RAM to function smoothly and faster since only 2GB is left out of 4GB.

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