Whatsapp payment | sending money through WhatsApp, Is it safe to send payment through WhatsApp

After having stayed in the beta testing stage for a long time, finally, WhatsApp, the Meta-owned messaging app, has added new features and icons for its users on the app – WhatsApp Payment.

With the WhatsApp pay button, the users can receive and send money on the messaging app itself.

Now, you will not be required to download a separate app for sending money if you have added your card details on WhatsApp.

How to send money through Whatsapp payment?

As per WABetaInfo, “WhatsApp is introducing a new shortcut to quickly send payments.

Previously you had to open the chat action sheet in order to send payments; WhatsApp is now placing a dedicated button on the chat bar.”

A WhatsApp Payment service, initially launched in November 2020, was rolled out for more users in June 2021.

Here’s what you should know about WhatsApp pay and how to use it.

Let’s explore how to send money through WhatsApp payments.

What is WhatsApp Pay?

Whatsapp payment
Whatsapp payment

WhatsApp payment is a payment service that is introduced by the Meta-owned messaging app, WhatsApp.

The payment system is built on the unified payments platform (UPI) and stands in competition with other online payment platforms such as PhonePe, Google Pay, Paytm, and more.

On the latest version of WhatsApp, you can find the payments button right next to the attachments button in the text box in chats.

Earlier, the option was veiled behind the attachment icon.

Here are a few of the major features of WhatsApp pay and other relevant information which you should know as a user as follows:-

  • WhatsApp payment is a UPI based service that is subject to a WhatsApp India Payments Privacy Policy
  • WhatsApp has committed that this UPI enabled payment service is completely safe, secure, and in full compliance with India’s data localization guidelines
  • Meta does not have any access to the payments data in “clear format” according to the WhatsApp payment FAQs
  • WhatsApp also stated that WhatsApp UPI transactions data is encrypted and resides only in India as per the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) guidelines
  • WhatsApp India actively monitors the necessary compliance and “may share UPI transaction data for identified exceptions with affiliates and regulators subject to regulatory approvals to stop illegal use of WhatsApp payments in compliance with applicable laws and regulation.”
  • For the WhatsApp payment service, WhatsApp will not capture or store the UPI PIN of the users, according to the NPCI-issued UPI guidelines.
  • Also, it will not share “customer payment sensitive information like a one-time password (OTP), full account number or any debit card details.”

Steps to register for WhatsApp Pay

WhatsApp payment or widely called WhatsApp Pay is a feature available to the users using the beta version of the popular Meta-owned messaging app, WhatsApp.

Here are the steps by how you can register for WhatsApp pay as follows:-

Step 1

Open ‘WhatsApp’ on your device. Now, click on the three vertical dots menu present at the top-right corner of the application screen.

Step 2

Click on the ‘Payments’ option

Step 3

Click on the option ‘Add payment method’

Step 4

Now, select the bank where you have a bank account or in which you are registered as an account holder. Further, WhatsApp will verify your mobile number. Also, your selected bank account will be displayed on the screen.

Step 5

Now, tap on the bank account and click on the option ‘Done’

Once you complete this process, you’ll be able to see your UPI ID, all the linked bank accounts, and your payment history.

Note to remember: For all the users who are Android beta testers of the app, you will have to download and install the latest version of the WhatsApp beta for Android 2.21.17 to get the feature on your device.

How to send money via WhatsApp Pay?

Once you have registered yourself as a user of WhatsApp payment on the application, you can now receive and send money.

Follow the steps given below for sending money through WhatsApp:-

Step 1

Open WhatsApp on your mobile device. Now, open the chat of the contact to whomever you want to send money to.

Step 2

Tap on the attachment button located near the chat box at the bottom of the screen.

Step 3

Click on the Payments option.

Step 4

Here you can send an invite to the recipient to set up payments so you can transfer money to each other on WhatsApp, or you can send money by selecting the UPI id option.

Now, enter the required value or amount you want to send to the contact. You also get the option to add a note for the amount that you’ve entered.

Step 5

Now, click on the ‘Send’ button.

Step 6

Lastly, enter your UPI PIN for approving and confirming your payment, once the payment is successful, you’ll see a tick on the screen indicating the same.

Points to remember

  • You can only send money to those contacts who have a registered WhatsApp account as well as they are registered for WhatsApp Payments
  • If you attempt to send money to a user who has not yet registered for the WhatsApp payment, you will get an option to notify the users to enable the payments so that they can receive money.

Is sending money through WhatsApp payment safe?

All the payments on WhatsApp Pay are done by using the UPI payment system of the government. Therefore, any payment made via WhatsApp Pay is secure.

Also, WhatsApp has rolled out several statements that users should be aware of scammers and fraudsters.

WhatsApp will never message or call its customers for any kind of payment. It strongly advises the users to not trust such calls and report them immediately so that appropriate action can be taken by the concerned authority.

Also, the users are required to enter their UPI Pin to authorize the transaction before sending the money.

And, WhatsApp does not store your UPI PIN information to ensure privacy as per RBI guidelines.

Alongside, all the information related to WhatsApp pay users stays in India only.

Is WhatsApp payment available in India?

Yes, WhatsApp payment is available in India. In India, the WhatsApp payment service feature was rolled out for users to use in November 2020.

However, it was available for select users who opted for beta testing of the feature.  Further, the feature was rolled out for more users in June 2021 in India.

As of now, the WhatsApp payment service has been made available to all the users in Indian on WhatsApp mobile app.

With WhatsApp pay, users can now transfer money directly between bank accounts.

It is powered by BHIM UPI and processes several payment partners in India.

Why I don’t receive payment on WhatsApp?

If you are not able to receive payment on WhatsApp, it can be due to some technical error on the side of the app or bank services.

Another thing is when you can find the WhatsApp payment option – here you can get the feature to show up on your account by getting someone with the feature enabled on the device to make a quick transfer to your account.

Moreover, you can also try updating the app to the latest version to be able to find the ‘Payments’ option under the WhatsApp setting.

This way you can ensure that you can easily send and receive money on WhatsApp Pay.

How do I check my payment on WhatsApp?

To check your payment and account balance on Whatsapp Pay, two methods are allowing you to do so. They are as follows:

Method 1 – Check account balance from Settings

Here’s how you can check the account balance from settings.

  • Go to the WhatsApp application on your device. Then, go to ‘Settings’ by tapping on the three-dots icon at the top right corner of the main screen
  • Now, select the ‘Payments’ option and choose your bank account
  • Now, tap on ‘View Account Balance’ and enter your UPI PIN
  • You can see your account balance after you enter the PIN

Method 2Check account balance while sending money

Another way with which you can check your bank balance is while sending money to another account.

Here’s how you can do it.

  • Tap on the available payment method on the payment message screen
  • Now, tap on the account of which you want to check the balance
  • Select option ‘View Account Balance’ and then enter your UPI PIN
  • Now, your balance will be displayed

How many people are using WhatsApp payments?

As of Feb 2021, NPCI allowed only 20 million of over 450 million users of WhatsApp in the country to avail themselves of the Whatsapp pay services. However, the feature has been rolled out to all the WhatsApp users of the country now.

How successful is WhatsApp pay?

Even after receiving a nod from NPCI, the Meta-owned messaging service has gained approval from it to take the UPI roll out in a phased manner.

Initially, WhatsApp payments are still restricted to the cap of around 2 crore users in the country.

Apart from this, a market largely dominated by Paytm, Google Pay, and PhonePe has made it a bit tricky for WhatsApp Payments to fast-track its user growth in the country.

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