What makes the sky blue?

In this article, we are going to cover one of the curious questions often asked by the child “Why the sky is blue?.

In order to understand this phenomenon we will have to understand first some basic facts about our nature then only we will be able to figure out how things work.

why the sky is blue?
Why the sky is blue?

Sunlight that seems white to us is actually a composition of all the colors of the rainbow.

We can see different colors of sunlight either in a rainbow or when life is passed through a prism.

When sunlight travels to the earth it collides with the particles present in the atmosphere and gets scattered in all the directions of the environment.

Three Factors that define what makes the sky blue are as follows:-

  • Scattering of lights by the atmosphere of different wavelengths in a different amount
  • the sensitivity of our eyes

Blue light has a shorter wavelength and high frequency while red light has a high wavelength and short frequency.

Due to the short-wavelength blue light scattered more than red light in the atmosphere.

That’s why when the sun is at its peak in the sky, we may see the blue sky due to the scattering of blue light in all the directions in the atmosphere.

Why is the sunset red?

At the time of the sunset, the sunrays travel far in the atmosphere in order to reach us.

The blue light gets scattered in the atmosphere allowing red light to travel far to reach us That’s why we do have the color of the sky red at the sunset.

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